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For more than 30 years, millions of people like you have trusted Lifeline Medical Alert Service for peace of mind they can depend on.

Lifeline helps maintain independent living and more than 65,000 healthcare professionals recommend it. They know that pushing the Lifeline button means you’ll get access to help when you need it most - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

And now, Lifeline’s new AutoAlert button adds a layer of protection by automatically calling for help even when you can’t when it detects a fall.

Lifeline Standard Medical Alert Service

Lifeline Standard Medical Alert

$29.95 per month

Why choose Lifeline? Because it’s trusted by more families and caregivers and healthcare professionals than any other. Known for its reliability and simplicty, you’ll be connected at the push of a button with our trained Personal Response Associates.

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Lifeline with AutoAlert Option

Lifeline with
AutoAlert Option

$44.95 per month

The new Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert offers all the benefits of our Standard Lifeline Medical Alert Service – push the button for help at any time – plus it’s the only medical alert pendant that can automatically place a call for help if you’re unable to push the button yourself when a fall is detected.

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Get Lifeline Now

Get Lifeline Now

Service starts as low as $29.95 per month

A fall can happen at any time. So why worry?

With Lifeline, there’s

  • NO long-term contract
  • NO equipment to buy
  • NO hidden fees

Push this button to order peace of mind today!

What People Say

“I’m just astonished that AutoAlert called for help after detecting my fall on my back patio. My family lives half an hour away, and I could have been lying there for days before somebody found me. I didn’t think I’d ever need it, but getting AutoAlert was the smartest thing I ever did.”

— Audrey, Canada

“I want to stay in my home for as long as possible. Before I got Lifeline, I fell several times and couldn’t reach my cell phone. Without it, I would probably be considering a nursing home right now.”

— Helen, OR